Stupid method to Check if your page is "easy" to navigate through

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    Sep 30, 2012
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    A lot of times, we have tons of things we want to include within our sites. Sometimes we manage to fit it all, and to our eyes it looks fucking awesome. The problem comes when it is not that awesome and easy to navigate when real users browse through it.
    Lets say your money maker is a store within your site. Just because you think you have made it clear to the users is not enough, it might actually not be clear.

    Well, this is what I do, you might laugh, but it works for me.
    I give the website to my granny and let her browse through it, I ask her to find something in the website and I time how long it takes her. If it takes her over 10 seconds I make the assumption that it is not clear and I need to retouch it, of course my granny can browse through sites, however, at a basic level.

    This depends on what niche you are working around, if you are doing stuff around the tech niche, I would imagine people might eventually find what they are seeking for. This is more for those informative and "fluffy" niches, where you will be getting people who cannot find the store button if it is not located in a really visible site.

    Yes, of course you must firstly do it as best as possible, by following the "visuality" rules, but if you can actually get someone "noob" at browsing through pages, it might give you an accurate idea as to how "navigatable" your page is.

    All in all, this retarded method might help you increase your conversions.