Stuff that may block your SEO work or make it less efficient [newbie friendly]

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    Stuff that may block your SEO work or at least make your work less efficient

    This is a part of my check list (reminder) when i audita website..

    - Try to avoid session parameter in URL or use them as late as possible in navigation process
    - prefer cookies
    - don?t use parameter like ID, s-id, mid, ? that may be taken as session ID
    - create static pages or redirection rules
    - don?t put too much characters and parameters in URL
    - Characters like #, {, }, [, ], |, @, can block indexing
    - be careful to spider traps (infinite loops)
    - Better to use 3 parameters maximum ie:

    Sound, Videos, flash, java
    - don?t forget to use ALT to describe content that can?t be crawled

    Frames / Iframes
    - You?ll be crawled but you may have problems like a final user reaching a page that have no menu

    Password protected
    - if there?s a password protected part, it will not be indexed. Some forum allow google to visit pages even if normally you have to be registered user

    - cookies can?t be accepted by google bot, if they are obligatory indexation will not be possible

    Test at beginning on a website
    - don?t forget to add an entry for the bots otherwise your pages will not be indexed (browser type, language, IP, ?)

    - don?t use javascript redirection they can be taken as spam
    - "meta refresh" doesn?t transfer page rank
    - best redirection is the 301 (moved permanently)

    Check if there isn?t any bad website in the same hosting (shared hosting)
    - some bad website may cause google not to index a complete shared server

    Pages in secured https
    - if all the website is in https, it may be not indexed
    - a page in https may have ranking problem, in general backlink will not point to the https, people will write (most of the time) http, so think to add a redirection 301 from http page to https

    Duplicate content
    - Check for duplicate content on your website with online tools like (there?s many tools online), you also can check directly with google taking few sentences with quote to see if there?s results
    - add a canonical link in your duplicate page
    - add disallowed page to a robots.txt file
    - you can detect stolen content with,,, noplagia, tineye,? and for pictures with
    - check that your page is not available from different url (ex : et or for dynamic website et
    - to changes pages (previous, next) use rel="next" et rel="prev"
    - don?t forget to add redirection 301 when you do url rewriting, otherwise you?ll have 2 pages with the same content

    Tools :

    To be properly indexed
    - create a link (better from a trusted page) to you website and i twill be crawled and indexed by google
    - you also can use real time indexing services like pubsubhubbub,, netvives,,,, google (alerts, buzz, reader)? but I don?t like them
    - add a file robot.txt to allow or disallow bot to come on all or part of your website
    - create a sitemap.xml with an exhaustive list of pages that you want to index (doesn?t mean that google will index them)
    - site map is usefull for your customer but also for google
    - try to have all your pages available in 3 clicks from the home page

    if you find my first big post interesting let me know i'll do my best to post rest

    Note: i'm not english so sorry for my english grammar
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