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    studivz is the german biggest social network for students and probably the only big one, just a similar copy of myspace/facebook/xxx, with over 4 million registered user.

    in 2006/2007 some user did develop two bots/crawlers for this network the lovebot and hoebot, the purpose was for fun only and not for advertising or any marketing. the idea itsel is really funny if you see the pictures....

    in 2007 there was a huge media response to this "attack", newspapers-radio-tv did report about it, due to the huge security problem.

    the main issue was, that most students did register with their real name, had phone numbers and real addresses in their profile, so the crawler did collect over 10.000 pages with such information in short time...:alcoholic

    since then an automatic crawling is totally not allowed anymore for this social network and got backup from media and official discussions......

    you can check out more infos here, some parts are in english the other ones in german which u can translate with google.

    anyway, you see that in some countries it isnt so easy for social marketing, i mean it even didnt start over there :D

    translate here "medienresonanz" article..quiete interesting about the media spectacle
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    i am on there as normal user :p....good to find people for writing quality content n german :)