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Student Lingerie Start of Summer £100 Contest

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by crashed, May 1, 2010.

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    I thought you guys may be interested in this, I own Student Lingerie so I do have a vested interest, if mods feel this is inappropiate please do remove it.

    Student Lingerie is a UK Sex Toy & Lingerie Website

    This week we are running an affiliate contest to win £100, £50, and £25 respectively. This will be a prize draw contest and each order you refer to us in this time will count as one entry.

    Here is why you should get involved
    - All current affiliates and any new affiliates that sign up this week will be moved to 30% commission immediately.
    - After your first successful referall you become eligiable for a free sex toy to review
    - We have created a custom video training course over the next 7 days to ensure that you get your first order! If you do everything in the way we show you YOU WILL EARN MONEY!
    - We are introducing a ton of new products over the next week with accompanying videos for you to use!

    There are ways to get extra entries by tweeting, and writing a blog post about the contest.

    To get started right now goto: http://www.studentlingerie.com/affiliates