Stuck. Have a good knowledge of the things I need to do, but no plan. HELP.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by VJoli, Dec 13, 2012.

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    So I've been reading books on affiliate marketing, PPC, Search Engine Optimization, creating good sales and ad copy's and all that stuff. However the only thing I don't know atm is HOW to start.
    I have a general idea of what I want to do which is using both PPC and Search Engine Optimization (most PPC) to sell the stuff I promote as an affiliate.
    Several questions pop up in my mind here:

    -What kind of website do I make for this purpose and how is it done?
    -> A blog about the stuff I offer was a thought, but how do I use it to SELL the product? (this is more Search Engine Optimization oriented)

    -Using PPC, where, what page do I direct people to if they click my ad?
    An opt-in?
    A sales letter?
    And how does it look, like a review are like the typical this and that, testimonal stuff?

    -Where does my affiliate link direct to? Another landing page (from the product) and then they buy (which means it would be stupid for the customer to go through 2 sales letters.... or is it bought by just doing it via me and is it a good idea to have my own sales letter?

    -Do you use squeeze and landing pages on the same domain as the one you use for your blog ?

    -Tell me if I said something stupid here, it helps me making less errors
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    Did you read this forum? It has all answers to those questions..I have seen them
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    The best advise I can give you is this: " Get Started DOING The Work. "

    At this point, stop worrying about the what if stuff and simply do it.

    Start a blog and start getting content online. Then, add in another element and another and another after that.

    The best way to get started is to simply start.

    Get a blog and share your knowledge, then monotize products around that knowledge when they make sense for people to purchase them for improving their production or knowledge level.
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    I'd agree with aftershock2020. The best thing to do is to just START. New questions will always come up and you'll find yourself learning along the way. The best way to become successful is to try and fail a few times, but keep on going.

    To answer some of your specific questions -

    Start by choosing a niche you have some actual interest in so you can create content for your site on a regular basis. If you're choosing affiliate income, the best way to promote affiliate products is to show people (through blog posts + videos, etc.) how to use that product and how it will help them solve their problem.

    Just build the site, don't worry about planning in out too much.

    If you're doing SEO, start link building slowly and steadily. If you're doing PPC at the same time, send the ad clicks to a landing page that is specific to the keywords you're bidding on. Have a signup form on their for them to join your mailing list. Every month send out blasts of your newest tutorial/information/review blog posts.

    Include affiliate links to the product your describing/demo-ing throughout your posts.

    If you want to go the adsense route, help answer people's most commonly asked questions (which you've found through keyword research.) but leave room for them to learn more. Hopefully your content is targeted enough that the ads displayed through adsense will make people click.

    Just a quick sort of primer - hope it helps.
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    Fiverr :)
    Pick a small niche and give your best to offer good information and content. Make your website useful for people that are searching things in that niche and offer them the best solution. If you pass this test you could evolve to bigger niches.