Strip Chat Journey Road to $1k Per Month

What a total bullshit. Only noobs use 1$ PPL and send crap traffic and then cry because of ban. I have never been banned in both cam affiliate programs when using revshare. Even when i recorded camgirls and spreaded copyrigted videos all over the web. I got just 1 warning from CB in 5 years.
Survivor bias, different people, different stories.

Who defines crap traffic? What is crap traffic ?

Are users who don’t pay, is crap traffic?

So, PPL only for paid users ? 1$ for paid user register ?

Is the problem by affiliate when the users dont want paid ? Many users pay after six months, when they see a model they like.

Also, the promote page cant view any model room MUST register. So users try to fast easy register account want to view the model room and not paid, so that is crap traffic ?

Your comment is obviously unfair, maybe you are just a small affiliate and never generate enough revenue for them to pay attention to you.
same here, i use around 3 year stripchat

never got issue, whenever i want to contact with affiliate manager, they respond very fast
I meaning, once you get issue, they never respond you.

You don't even know what the problem is.

Same, before you get issue, they respond very fast.

So, that's why Stripchat is a complete asshole company.
My stripcash affiliate has whitelabels. 34k backlinking but can't solve sitemap and redirect problem so indexing is not happening. I got scammed by paying to get seo support.

Can anyone help me. 50/50 revenue share also wants to solve the problem.

Please help me
I've stopped doing revshare, it's not profitable at all and with the traffic I had I could have made a lot more in Soi/Doi, more than 2100 sign ups and not even 100 $ on stripchat, with 10 x less clicks in Soi I already make more...
So your traffic must be low quality. I had 68 verified signups and 7 new spenders last month
Hello guys ..sorry I stopped updating this thread..had a terrible setback because of my health ( eye ) .

Long story short is that I was spending way too much time behind the screen when i started this journey , to the extent that I was operated on my right eye so after that I took a big break but I still tried to hit aleast 40 sign ups (monthly) during my break .

Now I started promoting back again fully last month but with way lesser screen time .
If I can hit 5 daily quality sign ups..I'm okay with that . Here is stats for this month
View attachment 322849
Thanks for posting this impressive journey.

Looks like you still on this journey, and doing good.

I am planning to start the journey soon. I would need motivation and guidance, please.

So you using only twitter to get signups? hows the rev-share, getting users to spend?
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