Strip Chat Journey Road to $1k Per Month

Hello guys .. terrible experience with Strip-chat so far they don’t validate all your sign ups to Registration and this is very obvious to me now with evidence . Frustrated as I really put in so much time and effort into this journey .. Company is a ripoff smh
how did you verify that ?
I cannot even setup the whitelabel with them as I keep getting a DNS error...
The reason why cam affiliate program don't give all your traffic is because all you need is 30 buyer to make $10k per month and if you get $10k what is stopping you from building a cam site without them. They want you to give them traffic but they don't want you to compete with them.

Most of them will buy your domain name if it does run out cam affiliate are just here to cut their advertising budget.

One thing if you are a new cam affiliate look in to owning your traffic and send 30% to the cam affiliate program because if you own your traffic they need you more then you need them.
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