Street Performing... Help me write my rap +Tip on how I make 10 bucks an hour in freetime.

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    Long post but it's mostly just my rap. I started writing this because I had some major drug problems in the past but have been sober for awhile (cept a little bit of that High Gravity), but who doesn't drink every now and then?

    Anyways thats what gave me the inspiration. It's a draft and done to a very sporatic beat, because of this it will be hard to understand the flow of the song. In the next month or two I'm going to shoot a music video, it might be this song or another song. If it is this song I will post the music video here so yall could get an idea of the flow.

    :sgrin::sgrin:Anyways any help with rhymes or anything at all would be very helpful, +rep will be dispersed :sgrin::sgrin:

    [ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH draft of my first verse for my next song, haha remember this draft is very ROUGH]

    Here it is below, I'd appreciate feedback and maybe some lines you cats come up with. If there's one thing I've learned here with you BlackHatters it is that collaboration is key.

    offer me coke but I gotta say "na son"
    stopped doin dope but ya boy still on one
    still on my grind all the time with the weaponry
    still pop ya ass like i used to pop ecstasy

    This part of the verse is a shout out to my alltime favorite actor (Sammy Jackson) in my alltime favorite movie (Pulp fiction). Before this part of the verse I will find a way to mention my boy Samuel L. Jackson

    my path is beset on all sides
    to them cats that be set trippin sniffin them lines
    and rats claim they flippin but they on the feds line
    and act like they down the whole goddamn time
    but when you in the trap
    that **** don't fly
    in fact he gon die
    even he knows
    I could see it in his eyes
    you wanna pop first will kiddo just try

    cuz I be flippin them rides
    and I'm steady chippin
    moneys touchin the sky
    gotta call that pimpin
    these guys think they goons they gotta be trippin
    this is my platoon so i'm a walkin contradiction

    yall don't know my story
    couldn't grasp my life
    how i came ups' the kinda **** you just caint write

    I be flippin them rides
    and pimpin these girls
    and they glad to abide
    but check it out
    young homie
    thats my hustle on the side

    this goes out to them cats tryna knock my pride
    and don't seem to understand that they just small fries

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    Oh sorry, I forgot to add how I make 10 an a hour. Here is what I do step by step.

    -Approach people asking them something like "Hey are you into hip-hop?"
    ---If they so no say "cool" or whatever and let them walk away
    ---If they say yes say this: "Check it out, I'll rap for a dollar and you only have to pay me if you like it", This gives the person more of a reason to hear your shit because it shows confidence.
    -If they start to walk away, try to haggle with them a little bit but if they really don't seem interested, screw them, go find someone else and quick.
    -When someone wants to hear your stuff just spit it, look them in the eyes and be passionate about it. Act out your rap.

    I have never once been turned down at least a fraction of a dollar or at least a cigaratte or a beer every time I have done this. Even if your not good, YOU CAN BE. Just practice.

    If you really want I'll send you the one I rap for people and it works every time, I don't care if you use it as long as you don't live out here.

    $1 might not sound like a lot but it only takes 10 people in one hour to make $10, that really adds up in your freetime struggling for that paper.

    I understand some people don't rap, but everyone has a talent. If you juggle, Juggle with a tip jar in the most populated part of town, if you do poetry, do the same thing I do.

    Goto open mics, get yourself known. THIS IS MARKETING AT ITS MOST BASIC LEVEL. If you want to be a marketer you really gotta put yourself out there!
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    I see donuts wherever I go
    Today I stole one from a guy named Joe
    He was built, like a brick sh1t house
    I decided, to run away like a mouse

    Away I went fast as I could
    Gonna tell ma story to the guys from the hood.

    early days, but its got potential.
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    "Gonna tell my story to my boys from the hood"

    Good line, could refer to some of the stupid stuff I would do as a youngster and run and brag about it to the homies. Much appreciiated bro!

    Keep em coming, ANY ideas are welcome, some of my worst lines have manifested into some of my greatest songs. Just post whatever comes to your mind....

    I would love to see this thread flourish because collaboration is the key to success in ANY business!
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    Well as an esteemed poet, allow me to make some revisions. All edits are within the quote. Mainly just a few minor tweaks and my own Samuel L. verse that I'm sure you could easily build off of.