Phones. Android phones running it all manually. I’m always on sit with all of those. And I sometimes generate 29k streams. Some days 17k , 15k. When I don’t stay with the phones for too long I get 6k to 7k streams on all tracks together I mean. Like I said I currently have 123 tracks on 3 artists. All artists are being verified. I set artist pick on all artist every week on Spotify. And I change use a real persons picture for the Apple Music image.
Can we connect on TG so we can do some business together I have few artist I manage and I need streams for them
You don’t expect to see sample on here cos no one will expose anything here.
You can build a farm with a few guide people give out here but no one will expose the secret to farming in public. If anyone needs the proper guide you have to reach out to someone with success doing this and with proof. However I’m not advertising on here, but I can guide anyone on setting up a successful streaming farm either from scratch or not.
Not having the right knowledge before getting into farming will be a regret as it stands.
I gave out my TG username @steve31117 for serious minded people to reach out and I have all the proof that anyone might need to be sure it ain’t jokes.
So do you guys get a bunch of phones and run different VPNs off them and create a bunch of accounts?

I feel like I am missing something here...
Im starting my streaming farm journey and would like to know if anyone have a tip about the listener's accounts.

I always see people talking about rdps, proxies etc... but I didn't found any guide on listener's accounts.

There's people with 1000s of premium accounts (singles, not family) , I don't think y'all paying for all those subscriptions monthly (at least not at full price).

If I had to pay imagine, 15 x ($10.99) = ~$165 p/month , just to start, I dont think there's a way to profit safely buying this way. Otherwise I would need to stream a LOT more just to make profit in the end.

So if you want to give a hint about a cheaper way to get those I would appreciate it. Not looking for replies like "go search in the BHW marketplace" because I already did and didn't found anything reliable.
good luck bro!
Reach me on TG, I sell premiums accs for all streaming platforms , and I render range of other services relating to streaming farms.
I teach full guide on how to set up your streaming farm successfully and I share with you my own personal method I use in my streaming farm. TG @steve31117
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