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Stream/Ambit/Amway/Quixtar, anyone have any twists to monetizing these pyramid schemes?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by DPatel304, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. DPatel304

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    First off, I really do apologize if discussion of these pyramid schemes is forbidden on these forums. Didn't really see any rules against it, but, at the same time, never see them discussed here.

    Only reason I bring this is up is because my father was really into Quixtar about 10 years ago. He's recently introduced me to the latest pyramid scheme he is involved in which is some energy company called Stream. My neighbor also told me about a similar thing he is doing, but his company is called Ambit. Works like any other pyramid scheme. You can sell electricity to other people, and earn a residual income off of them, and you can also recruit 'associates' who work under you and do the same thing.

    My dad got me to switch from Reliant to Stream. I looked it up and, at least in the state of Texas, it doesn't really matter who you go with. There is one provider for the whole state, and companies like TXU, Reliant, and Stream all lease equipment from this one provider. So basically the service should remain the same, the only differences from one provider to another is customer service and the price you pay. Stream worked out slightly cheaper, so I switched.

    He started explaining to me how he can make a residual income off of this stuff. I sorta dismissed the idea after he gave me the example of earning a mere $5 a month after signing 10 customers. You also pay an initial fee of $329 to start, and an optional monthly fee of $25 a month which gives you a website with your referral link on it. I guess the money comes when you build a network, but it seems like an awful lot of work for very little income. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here was doing something similar but had some sort of BH twist to it to make it worth your time. First thing I thought of was to outsource the work and just pay per lead, but each customer seems to bring in a very small amount that you wouldn't really be paying much per lead.

    Again, sorry if this is not welcome on these forums. You can go ahead and delete it if it is not allowed. I'm not trying to promote myself in this pyramid scheme, just want to hear some thoughts from BHW members to see if I can make this actually worth my time.