Strating New Web Design/SEO/ Site for My Local Area | Advice Appreciated

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    Hello. I have been in IM for myself for a few years. Have a ton of websites and now want to offer web design and or seo services to small businesses in my local area. This is my new site (portfolio included)

    Currently I have all my sites automatically created and hosted within Wealthy Affiliate University. I buy my own domains for GoDaddy and point the DNS to their servers. They are all wordpress sites so I have become very familiar with creating wordpress websites.

    My thoughts are that I can create websites with wordpress for clients but I do not know how I would sell them their domains or offer hosting.

    I have looked at the GoDaddy Reseller program and was wondering if this would incorporate both of those aspects for me.

    What would others reccomend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I want to start this new venture after being wiped out by Penguin and trying to rebuild. (Been wiped out by G updates 5 times in 5 years, from fat bank to nothing)
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    your main title website should keyword domain +service + location. sample : black hat seo service in florida.
    submit your site to google business place
    your site need more improve to create good Eye-catching landing pages (images + color)
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    Domains Namecheap
    Hosting Hostgator

    Then you will get affiliate commission from HG
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    I would sign up with a Surpass Hosting reseller package, as this is how we sell hosting and domains to our clients ( Their cheapest package is $25 a month and you'll be able to host several sites on it.

    It comes with WHMCS (lets you manage your hosting packages, client management, etc.) for free, and a free domain reseller account, so you can sell both hosting and domains.

    Plus you'll be able to have your own nameservers, i.e.