Strategies for promoting articles for legitimate news portal?

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    Hello, I am new here.
    Suppose you would be hired by some general news portal (like a New York Times competitor) to increase the traffic to the articles they publish, and you would be paid for the number of visitors you bring. What methods would you try first? The constraints are:

    1) black-hat is generally allowed, but it must not lead to the website being banned from Google or generally to hurt the brand image by being too spamy.
    2) normally you can't publish articles there, the articles are being published by journalists
    3) you can freely pick any articles you want, new or old ones. (There are basically all categories, hard news, life, celebs, autos, food, tech...).

    I am just starting this, and tried to add links to discussions under articles on blogs and news portals, and also tried twitter, but the traffic is not much. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You can never guess!
    It should be a long term goal for such types of sites. It is a bit complicated. Those news are published by many news sites at the same time. What source would you choose to read an article? Your everyday newspaper X? or another one? 99% goes for X. People are tied to their newspapers like they belong to the football teams. They hardly go for other sources.

    So what you will do is not only related to you but also related with the structure of the news portal. You have to change the habits of people and this is a damn hard job. It is not like something promoting a web site giving information about a weight loss diet.

    Ordinary methods will surely not work. So do not try to get thousands of cheap backlinks. That may even put that news site in danger (paid links). Concentrate on social network sites. Hire several virtual assistants if your budget allows, start a campaign which is all manual, geared towards social media. And use adwords where possible.
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