strange things i dislike personly and can affect business

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    Its not to heart anyone but just want to share things which i think can really afffect the marketing stratagy of many new entrepreuners. Here on digital forums seen many users posting basic helps for SEO (i am not into this, i am an accountant), and when we follow their links in signature what we see is that user provides seo services.

    You can find many profiles on DP forums where many users have a fancy and good looking site, and services they provide are Web development, seo etc. And finaly endup using DPforums for seo helps.

    I am not complaining that they should not ask here, but if we search anything regarding SEO, DP is almost on top for most of keywords. Users following the signature links will for sure not avail their services.

    Its not personal but to help new startups :)