Strange Spam

i get similiar stuff on all my websites as a comment all the time, but akismet notices this all the time. I would like to know, too which program posts those spam comments and whats the sense of those?
This technique is pretty old school, but it works well for finding auto-approve, d0f0llow blogs.
HI, i am getting some stuff like this on blogs and also lots in my domain email. I have this type

These come from known customer emails, sometimes i email them back and inform them they have a virus or worm.. i think its kinda worm

and this:

taNu7m cwdnwrrvldfk,]ufhyzugmlpzk[/url],

This one seems to the same thing that you get.

I also get mail from lots of russian banker widows whose husbands had a fortune in Uganda :D

And also quite annoying mail about "we bring you to the top of the search engines' from India, comes with read confirmations annoyingly.

BUT: If you ever do directory or article submissions, remember one name: MAJON INTERNATIONAL !!
These guys will spam shut your mailbox in no time.

To reset all this domain spam i have to create new email every few months...
Yep, I get the same stupid email like clockwork every week, at least it lets me know that my email feedback form is working! :)

At least it's better than this one:

"What is the budget and head count of the press office?" that keeps getting caught by Askimet.
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