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    Hello friends ,

    First i am struggling very hard with my mns site if you can contribute anything any help any guide i will be very grateful to you. my journey (

    Ok come to the main point, today while searching for some link building services i found a service that offers high quality link like apple , delecious , microsoft and many more at a very cheap rate. this sound too good to be true, So i contacted the person and ask him that before you put my link on those sites can you give me the links where you will place them just to make your service wont harm my website.. And he send me the list.
    What i found was very surprising (i dont know about you but it was for me). I saw that he creates accounts in the discussion section (something like forums) of those big websites and add all the details about the clients site even the link in the profile of the registered user.

    I am quite new to this IM thing but just to mention that is this what all called link building is. Will it help the website to grow rankings.. Very strange for me what are your suggestions ?

    And don't forget to share your experinced advice for a new-bie in my journey ...
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    Well that is BH link building. nothing strange
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    They are profile links.

    I like to get 50 - 100 do follow profile links and send 1k spam links to each of them.

    They will give you a nice boost.
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