Strange behavior on aged domain - Is there something I don’t understand about domains?

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    I have a question for somebody that might have a good understanding of domains, A records, MX or other items that go with it. I do not know that that will help but Its something I do not understand..

    I have a that i have owed and setup hosting myself 2 years ago. Its mostly sat there and now
    I want to do something with it.

    So I check to see how its doing. First i check if its indexed.

    In G- "" no quotes i do a search.

    This returns 2 results and i have only 1 page on the site.

    1. (this looks perfectly normal and shows my current page title and snippet is in order)

    2. ( this 2nd result is what i dont understand )

    This second record is what puzzles me. I did not setup anything funny on this domain and dont even know how to set something
    up to do this. The snippet and page title are for the old owners new site(who now have a different domain). If i click the link for this result the page does not load, no hosting no 404 nothing.

    However when i look at this page in the CACHE of Google it shows that its last cache date was today. The cache page is also
    the page for that other site im referring to and its current. The domain authority shows the exact same as mine 55 so Im sure this is somehow referencing but pulling title/cache from the old owners current domain.

    Anyway, how is this possible or is there some setting that the old owners could have setup on the domain, that stays once the domain was transferred to me? When i bought it was an expiring domain..

    Appreciate any thoughts on this..