Strange behavior - My brand new Adwords acc got banned because of a friends banned account

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by dualxyz, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    the facts:

    - located in Germany
    - brand new company (like LLC in the US) with brand new bank account for billing
    - band new AdWords Acc with billing address and bank account from new company

    the case:

    I set up the account and got traffic for like 1 day. After 1 day I got a message that the invoice is overdue (cant be truth cause google charged my bank account with the right amount) and an email which was like "your account got banned because of violating the guidelines/TOS whatever". I called the support instantly and asked about the situation. The lady told me that my BRAND NEW account was linked/in relation with an old AdWords account of a different company. This old AdWords account was a MCC with like 26 sub-account. That whole MCC is mess, which means unpaid google invoice + problems with guidelines and TOS.

    My question is:

    How on earth can they tell me that my new account (registered with new emailaddress) is linked to the old one(old one registered for completly different company, different contact person and different email address)?

    What I know so far:
    1. - I had access to the old adwords account and logged into with my current laptop --> Are cookies, IPs, Mac addresse enough for google to say "the new account is linked to old one" (keep in mind the new account comes with new company name, bank account, billing address and contact person)?

    2. - I bought an old domain from that old company and did a 301 redirect to my new site --> Is that enough proof for google just because the domain which was advertised by the old banned account to say "the new account is linked to the old one"?

    The support told me I ve to remove all the connections/links/relation to the old account to get unbanned. They wont tell me where exactly I can start to search for those connections. They telling me they are not allowed due privacy policy or whatever.

    What can I do? The new account and website are completly fine, even the adwords support approved the website. Why is google is slapping me for an account from a different person/company?

    Hope you guys can help me
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    Yes, you're right. The reason for connection is the parameters you described in sections 1,2.

    Mainly, look at:
    IP, Cookies, Domain & Hosting as those parameters count the most; needless to say that using the same billing info + CC details is obviously a huge identifier so try to avoid that.