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    Ok please dont get me wrong and nothing I am not writing this to brag I just want to maybe inspire someone.

    So how my story started:

    It all started on DP, yeah yeah I know but I came there, read threads, bought some ebooks and thankfully I came by BHW, not sure tho. how but I think it was mentioned in some ebook I bought.

    First I was paying a lot of attention to making money thread like I guess you all do. I was slowly figuring out all the terms CPA, PPC, PPV, PPI, CC, act, ... Everything was new to me but it was fun, I was determine to earn some money. I was trying all different sorts of methods, nothing was really profitable. Money I made through internet I invested in to my internet adventures.

    I was trying youtube, then I was trying craiglist/backpage, then I was trying twitter, ... more or less really low money. In the january of this year me and my friend did some brake through on facebook and we earned aprox. $11k at that time the felling was SO ****ING AWESOME that nothing cant describe it. When I was seeing something go viral I thought I control the whole earth. Anyway as spander as I am money went from my wallet pretty fast so I was determine to earn again. And I was writing ebooks selling them and stuff and awile ago I came by method which made me quite a few bux (this method is now being sold, however non Jr.VIPs it is not for sale) but that was nothing of what I achieved this week.

    I came by a great peace of tool which made me almost $100k in one week. I will split this earnings but the point is I had that felling again, but can I tell you something ? It WAS SO ****ING UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME that nothing in the universe cant describe it. I was crying out of luck. The felling you are 22 years old and you have so much money that you can basicly afford things your parents never could, IN ONE WEEK. The only thing I am waiting now are my CPA payments but even if I never get them I will be proud on myself and I will always now its possible and I can do it again.

    I was reading a lot of books of rich peoples and I still do but I came out that they all have something in common, I dont mean just those people, I mean everyone who succeeded in their lives have in common that they all say DONT NEVER GIVE UP, DO WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT AND YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! YOU ****ING WILL !!!

    At some point I was desperate because I was trying so many methods and none did work but I had this felling its not far away. The point is when you are trying so many methods, so many new come by, new ways, maybe completely different. I earned this $100k with a thing I thought its dead, I thought I will never try it again, but if you see there a logic, try it AGAIN maybe this time will work. The point is in trying. I know what the biggest problem is, its procrastination. You see a method, you say its good but then you find all the different things why you cant do it and why this will not work. It will and within procedure you will find a twist which will make your method profitable.

    And one other important thing is, dont forget you exist, dont forget your body needs workout to function. Go on a walk everyday, relax and chill.
    Oh and another thing which many of you will not agree with me but the one thing which slow us down are womens (no I am not gay, I love womens) so if you dont have it, dont get it! Wait for that, there will be planty of time.
    Give yourself a goal, I know I really liked to go out every weekend but then I decided and gave myself a goal I wont go out until I make $10k.

    Now this is something I wanted to wrote. I think now its the best time!
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    You did some nice blackhat stuff to make that money in a week , someone maybe pissed at you . One tip from me : Invest your money in whitehat marketing , you will get more money in a long time for many years to come :)
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    Nice work D3lux3. Keep doing what you're doing and make even more money. From your post, I can tell that you won't blow all of your money on useless things or at least I hope you don't.

    It's easy to get caught up in the fast lane with having money; fast cars, motorcycles, boats, alcohol and women. Don't do it, it's ok to have some fun but spend wisely.