Story downloader tool?


Aug 13, 2016
I had a few tools that were working fine and making easy to download stories with just a click. Now they all stop working somehow or misbehaving.

Any recommendation of a good one?
You can download any reels story any post from the site storysaver
this worked a bit but stopped working for videos, thanks for the share.

If anyone has any other suggestion, seems there was some update so its mostly not working :(
Found a few for you, never tried them myself so, hope they do the job for you.
just google "download instagram storie", any website works
No they don't always work otherwise I would not ask here. I've used the most known ones but they stopped working for videos lately on some accounts that are public.

Found a few for you, never tried them myself so, hope they do the job for you.

thanks, i'll try some of them
Did you try to download private accs ? I'm llooking for that
No they are public, for some it works but i'm having an error of this type mostly, so i'm looking for a tool that doesn't have this issue


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R Download works perfectly as a Shortcut for iPhones.

For Androids, download AeroInsta.
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