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not sure what i need. I will be using my browser to hand create accounts, non seo.

Private proxies seem like what I need but not cost effective. I will be creating 5 a day. I dont think I can change to another proxy after I use all my proxies.

rotating proxies sounds like what i need, but I dont think you can put that in browser or am i wrong

Of course I have to start off small for budget reasons

I really you hope you understand what I am saying
Please send it asap so i can buy, im waiting on the code :(
i don't have enough without code ;s and i really want to buy the proxies, my friend told me about them.
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I don't fully understand when the proxy changes regarding the HTTP request. Does this mean that every time I switch from one webpage to the next it changes IP?

My goal is to create an upvote comment bot, and I need a new IP every time I upvote the specific comment.

So let's say that I do an upvote, I go to a random page, go back and upvote again it are 2 different IP's where I upvote with right?
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