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Stopping Members from Selling/Recruiting/Buying/Trading outside BST and HAF sections

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by srb888, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Deterring (Discouraging) or Stopping Members from Selling/Recruiting/Buying/Trading/Self-Promoting and related Rules violations outside BST and HAF Sections of BHW

    I sincerely believe that buying, selling, trading, and recruiting threads are not allowed outside the BST or the "Hire A Freelancer" sections of BHW.

    I am not aware of any other section where the above activities are allowed for members -- Regular, or Donor, or above-JR.VIP categories. But still, I think that these threads violating BHW rules, though being reported by our vigilant members consistently, are still able to escape the scrutiny many times and get published on the various forums. Their instant intent is fulfilled, i.e., they get seen by members and many interested in them take note on how to contact them, inside or outside BST. So even after reporting those threads, and subsequently banning the violating thread-maker or deletion of that thread serves little purpose in that particular case at least... The violating member has already made his intent public.

    So what should stop them, i.e. at least put a fear in them or in the minds of existing member who go along knowingly or even unknowingly, with the violation of getting temp or perm ban along with a perm infraction?

    I think a suitable "punishment" is needed for both cases, i.e., for the thread-maker AND the violating member who intends to buy or even PM the OP of that thread, or contacts the OP inside or outside BHW (e.g. on Skype), etc should be made equal partners in the breaking of related BHW rules. (Limited to selling violations outside BST and HAF sections.)

    To deter those members violating such rules and taking the shortcut methods (trying to push in their threads outside those sections allowing the BST/recruiting/advertising) to sell/buy/trade/recruit I think that the best method would be to:

    Already in place: There are many related rules mentioned, and many members are also reporting those threads that are violating the rules, but still this could be required to really stop those members who violate BHW rules and are getting away with it due to various factors...

    1. The violating thread (which is selling outside BHT section) gets deleted

    2. The thread-maker gets a serious-level infraction (it stays on his profile forever, or until the Admin sees if he can be pardoned but not before a certain period of time), and he gets a minimum ban for a period of 15 days to 3~6 months, or gets a permanent ban, or whatever period is suitable according to the Site Owner or the Admins (includes all the senior Moderators) of BHW.

    3. ALL the other members commenting on that particular thread AND WHO ARE offering to buy or sell or contact or even hijack that thread to do some or similar sort of trading themselves should also receive the above mentioned "punishment". This will begin the ultimate stoppage process of violation of the rules, especially where illegal trade (violating BHW rules regarding buy/sell/trade/recruit/affiliate-marketing/etc.) is concerned. I think it will take a short time from time that such violations will either stop, or get no or very little response from other members, or will get regularly reported to Mods. Thus will begin the disciplining process that will of course help this great site, and of course, also every member of this site.

    4. IMPORTANT: The Reporting process by members need not be limited to a short period after the thread in question is created, the report can be sent ANY TIME after the thread is created, and the above punishment, or some similarly severe-level punishment can begin from the reported time onwards. This will keep the proverbial sword hanging on the members who are violating those trade related Rules, and especially after they have somehow "established" themselves on BHW much later on. So, this can be the most potent weapon against those trade-relating rules violators. Commit the violation, then they get prepared to get punished any time after, and until they are members here. Period. This will mean: Get a sure part- or full-time ban :), plus a perm infraction that will disable the member from having any sales-related thread on BHW, plus various limitations being imposed automatically on them. Only the Admin or the suitably-powered Moderators can revoke those limitations in future and enable the member to function without the "performance disability".

    Some members believe that they can get "lucky" and get their illegal selling done on BHW, and as time goes by, their violations would not be considered any problematic, but they need to fear the consequences for all time to come, i.e. until they exist as BHW members.

    So every member wanting to sell/trade small or big, one-time or multi-time sales should get a permission from the mods to be able to open the related thread to public on BHW. He/She should be prepared to wait indefinitely until a mod is relieved from the very busy work schedule and can approve it. And even then if there are any illegal activities on the approved thread, the related punishment follows. So absolutely no illegal selling activities are permitted on BHW IN any Section. Also absolutely no member should get away for reciprocating favorably to the illegal sales thread, i.e. contacting the OP, PM'ing him, Skype contacting him, buy or show intent to buy the "item (service or item including)", etc.

    The Mods investigating this violation get the full right to investigate the PM box of the member who opens such a thread and can punish the contacting member who are in favor of the illegal sale suitably.

    Please Note: Sell* or Selling* here means performing or creating threads for any activity like selling, buying, trading, recruiting, affiliate-marketing etc.

    If any member wants to Sell* any thing on BHW, get a permission just like all the Jr VIPs are needed to get it before their Sales threads goes live in BST Section. Why should they suffer while any other member "gets away" on regular sections simply because their threads violating the Rules are missed by all concerned for whatever reasons? Also it has been noticed that some members who violate use some very clever "innocent-sounding" words which means the same sales pitch otherwise! They too are covered under these Rules, let them remember this! :) No excuses for them...

    Thanks guys!



    Some of the offenders go ahead and bad-mouth the member who tell them (comments on their offending thread) that they are violating the rules. For such offenders who bad-mouth, no "window" for him to get back should be left open now or in future. ;) He keeps the perm severe-level infraction on his profile, or a perm ban forever!

    Those bad-mouthers are never going to have respect for the Rules nor for the well-meaning members! Instead of becoming IM in near future, they need to go back to school urgently imho.

    Of course his thread and all his content anywhere else on BHW should be deleted. He (or she), if allowed, must begin his life on BHW fresh. Members can also report of other members commenting on his thread have quoted his post or his contact address anywhere, so that quote containing his/her contact address W.R.T. the violated thread is also deleted.

    I understand that these tasks will add to the tasks the mods have to perform round the clock, but the fear of getting banned or getting a severe-level infraction will make the members stay away from violating further, and they will also begin to report those thread proactively. So it's only a matter of time... imho. :)
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