Stop Words... and Keyword Phrasing..

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    I been reading that google is favouring key phrases rather than keyword just stuff the title and backlinks with the keywords is this true?

    I'm thinking of using a page like /can-gerbils-eat-celery.html

    Now saying this is my phrase isnt "can" a stop word? so would I just shortern that too gerbils-eat-celery.html and backlink too that? Would the page title also be without the Can?

    It's really confusing to consider that google would favour phrases as its more natural to search for yet they are still using stop words?

    Any thoughts..?

    Let me know what you think the best method of this would be..

    Using Market.S, "Can Gerbils Eat Celery" comes back with 33% PBR exact match, and Gerbils Eat Celery %50 match.. yet without the Can... it has much higher competeion and I just won't rank..

    tell me what your thoughts are please, I want the best method, so please use an example to explain if possible :p