Stop Going for the Crumbs When the Cake Is Right in Front of You

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    So I have to admit, over the past few months I've got a bit narcissistic and haven't been coming on here a lot. I had a fair amount of revenue coming in and thought I'd be comfortable taking a break from BHW (lurking as well as posting) whilst growing my business.

    Took on some unnecessary expenses and now revenue has slowed down. Even though I haven't failed, I've made a lot of mistakes over the past few months but I'm glad I've made them. I took action and now because of those mistakes I have a clearer view of where to go next.

    I'd like to take some time to address those people who are unsure if they should go ahead with a method/business. Just do it. The only way you are going to gain experience is by actually doing something, not by reading. There is no substitute for experience and the sooner you get that experience the better.

    The title of this thread "Stop Going for the Crumbs When the Cake Is Right in Front of You" is a lesson that I've learnt recently. Don't go for the methods that are only going to bring in $10 or so per day (this is subjective), go for the methods that are going to bring in more revenue if possible.

    To put this into perspective, I've been looking at 7878's method recently (I'm sure everyone is familiar with it. If not, it's Notice how ORM services can sell for upwards of $1,000 per month per client? Compare this to the amount of work you would need to do to generate a similar amount of revenue in another venture (content creation for example).

    I don't post much on the forums as I feel there is always someone more experienced who can give better advice but this is something that I wanted to share. Hopefully you guys who are more experienced can provide some input for the rest of us. Do you agree with the thread title? It's been a very important lesson for me so hopefully it will help someone out.

    Thanks for reading :) lessons posted below. I haven't seen a lot of information around relating to this, so hopefully we can get a decent discussion going.

    Lessons I've learnt

    • Never stop learning and reading up on new material
    • A strong community is a vital aspect to success
    • Keep expenses to a minimum until revenue is stable
    • Don't go for the crumbs when the cake is right in front of you
    • Build up multiple revenue streams. If they are passive then that's even better
    • The ability to generate sales is the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one.
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