Stop Bashing Other BHW Members!

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    I can't ignore following post made by haverox in


    FYI, Most of the Services sold at BST and WTB section are from Indian members whereas in Hire-a-Freelancer section, Many Job providers are especially seeking Indian peoples to get their job completed at low and affordable price - All This is of No use if they don't have verified Paypal Accounts.

    Is it provoking other users in the forum is your primary intent?
    I'm not writing this to offend you. But i don't see any value in your post and your comment is no way related to OP's expectation/requirement except bashing/insulting peoples from My country.

    Yes Its India. IncredibleIndia!

    For you/anyone who reads this thread, Do remember you're here to gain/share knowledge at the same time making money in any WH/BH methods you find in here. You aren't invited or No peoples in this forum are expecting silly comments from you. I request you/anyone to stop flaming members from other countries.
    Keep away from the Forum if you're a douchebag!

    I can't tolerate or simply ignore this kinda replies from anyone and i don't wish to see the trolls again at future in BHW!
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    BHW is a diverse community comprised of people from all over the world. We welcome people from ALL countries and ALL religions. Our common bond is that we are all here to learn and share various internet marketing techniques. And hopefully, along the way, make new friends and business associates.

    Racist comments are not tolerated . . . PERIOD! . . . And anyone making racist comments is subject to being banned.

    "haverox" is now banned for one month for making racist comments about our Indian friends.

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