STOP Affiliate Networks From Ripping-Off 600% Of Your Profits!!

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by RiskSlayer, Mar 15, 2016.

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    Hey All-

    If you post affiliate links on Twitter accts, then you need to read why your revenue should be 600% higher than it is today.

    Have you noticed astonishing low conversion rates? And, that only a few, low-payout offers seem to convert? And, the best, high-paying offers seem to have horrible conversion rates?

    Proving the problem: Post raw affiliate links to your twitter account. From a mobile device, click the links and complete the action for conversions, then check your affiliate network dashboard?? How many of those offers actually converted?

    After testing about 40 offers on mobile devices recently, I found about +80% of popular CPA offers do NOT convert on mobile devices (they will convert on desktop machines which confuses the whole issue enormously). Twitter traffic is 85% mobile, so this conversion failure is devastating.. So, if you're only getting credit for conversions from your desktop clicks, then you are losing 600% of your revenue!!

    Truth is that most of the best paying CPA offers labelled "mobile optimized" cannot pass this conversion test. Moreover, my affiliate managers do not seem really that interested in helping me solve this issue (granted I am not a super Affiliate), so I am bringing this topic to the attention of this group for solutions & suggestions.

    Turns out that Twitter has an in-app browser that is launched when end users click links from their mobile Twitter app. The option to change this default setting to Chrome or Safari is unknown to 99% of the world (and to me until recently).

    I believe that for the CPA offers that fail the mobile conversion test, the Advertisers have configured their conversion attribution systems to filter out any conversions coming from browsers other than Chrome, Safari, Explorer or Firefox; thus, disregarding conversions coming from Twitter's in-app browser.

    Can others let me know their experience testing raw affiliate links on mobile devices from twitter posts?

    Finally, and most importantly, I am hoping someone out there can help with a simple & effective solution to this 600% problem.


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    Dont know
    Title is misleading. I thought this was a guide or a product.
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    facebook also have this in-app browser and I have been wondering for some time if this affects things.

    Thanks for bringing this up, sorry I cant offer any advice but I am also waiting to hear some useful answers :)