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    Jan 10, 2008
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    I rarely like to outsource, but recently I ran into a time crunch where I needed to outsource two things. I always make it a point to make things as clear as humanly possible because I know that communication via text can often be misinterpreted. The template I needed turned out to be ok-- not bad for the price [you get what you pay for of course and at this time I was not interested in paying much for it lol], but the guy I got to do the content....ugh.

    I tell ya he displayed that he had an understanding of what I was looking for, but in the end he only knew a fraction of what I needed. So now I'm stuck again with a deadline that I'd like to meet [the end of this month] but with 2 weeks lost in the content production department. I want to kill the dude. I mean, sure it's my project so I can extend the deadline, but I wanted to move on next month and not be doing the same thing!

    Sorry I just soooo had to rant a bit as I was taking aback when he expected the $225 we agreed upon for less than 1/4 of the work done! lol. I mean seriously??? I had made it a point to specify what I needed in the post title, the post itself, and in the private messages back and forth before agreeing on a team/rate/time period and even said if you don't understand what I need or am asking for to please ask for clarification. Ugh.

    And I've tried to get my gf to do it but she doesn't like to write lol. But she doesn't have to work! gaaaaa!

    ok. end of my rant. off to figure out a new gameplan.