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    i created this blog a while ago,

    has all orginial content - All articels are seo;d to the max and all written by me.

    Has few article backlinks which are also seo;d , Has some pr forum backlinks and some other pr static stats backlinks.

    Basically its on Page 2 of google - Page 2-3 on BING - Page 1-3 on Yahoo.

    Yahoo dropped from page 1 . When i was backlinking and bookmarking it got pretty good traffic for starting - a couple hits daily -

    but now i left it due to other products.


    If i try to flip it how much can i make
    and im i doing something wrong bcz i have good serp but nill traffic and revenue. I wanted to flip it but i stuck now. I assumed with good serp comes good traffic which brings good $$. What can i do to improve this.

    Please help me below by a comment or a imbox