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    Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself. I'm Keith B, and i run a CL posting Business, as well as a free website monetization business as well. I have been in business for a few months now, and i have increased my capacity, from only taking one client, to taking 100's of clients if i want.

    My website is, and due to my great SEO, its ranked #45 out of 267,000,000, and when Google up dates its ranked #48 out of 1,700,000,000. (for the search term advertisement services).

    I hope that i can fulfill meaning prospective clients needs and demands.

    Let me offer you guys a few services which prices have been adjusted since this is DP. be sure to contact us at [email protected] for any questions.

    StocAds empowers anyone to successfully start an affordable advertisement campaign, without the hassles of having to manage expenses while staying on a budget. A one time fee is accessed for each week you want to campaign your product, website, or business. Complete results and updates are shared with every client. All you have to do is tell us exactly what you want, and we'll take care of the rest. We make the ads and post to 5-10 high traffic classified sites, and search engines of you?re choosing. A weekly campaign can easily yield almost 100 advertisements displayed weekly per client. With StocAds, there are no commitments. You can pay for a one week campaign, or a twenty week campaign. All clients will receive a personal email to see all replies with our service. Our advertisements stick, no matter what. No ghostings, no flagging, no spam replies. Our ads are targeted and are guaranteed to yield at least five new possible prospects. Plans start at $50 weekly. We assure only quality and nothing else.

    And Let me introduce something that'll some of you might want to try out.

    Straffic is a monetization service that will easily generate you 50% more revenue than you already make on your website. What the cost? Absolutely nothing. We do all the work, we place all the ads, and we track all the leads and revenue. All you have to do is work with us, and approve which ads you want posted, and how they are posted. On top of that, you collect 50% of the revenue the advertisements generate. With our strategic ad placement, we'll easily allow many conversions that will add supplementary income in your pocket. If you would like to partner up with StocLeads, then contact us at [email protected].

    My exclusive rates for stocads are adjusted accordingly.

    If you want 20 ads or more posted on CL for a total of 140 ads weekly the cost is $35 per week
    If you want to 50 ads or more a day posted on CL for a total of 350 ads posted weekly, The cost is 75 dollars per week.
    If you want 80 ads or more posted on cl for a total of 560 ads posted weekly, then the cost is 100 dollar per week

    What you get is,

    A detailed report at the end of each day, showing which ads have successfully been posted, and which have been flagged, as of which will be replace free of charge obviously.

    You'll also be given all the links so that you can clearly see all your ads posted. All you responses will be forwarded to any address you specify,

    Or we will give you a personal email account if you like. also free of charge. With a quota of 500mb

    If you want some of your advertisements converted to images, we do that free of charge as well. We recommend it because it makes what ever you are trying to offer look more professional.

    You campaign will be set at a certain time of the day to run. In which the process is automated, and is ensured all ads will stick and be seen.
    I had one clients test ad posted and in about 5 minutes i got a response.

    Please keep in mind that our company has three PVA accounts and they are in good standing. We are not here to spam, but to increase exposure of your product or service.

    Also Let me explain a little bit about our monetization serivice.

    First off its absolutely free, we do all the work. And on top of that we trace your earnings through the ads you place through a sub id. What i need from you if you are interested where you want your part of the revenues sent. Which i can work out with all my affiliate networks. I have direct relationships to affiliate account managers. I can get exclusive offers, on top of offer with really high conversion rates if i want. All you have to do is choose which ads you want placed.

    Now make sure you have decent traffic coming to your site. Maybe at least 1500 hit per day or more. That way more people will see the offers. This is no to discredit anyone with out any real traffic either. I will set you up as well. This service is risk free, and can actually benefit you.

    For a little more information visit and scroll down to straffic.

    If you are interested we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

    Please email us at [email protected] or you can aim us at jomg6788

    We are available 24/7 and we will answer your question ASAP
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    not bad but wrong section, It might be making money for you but not for us. Also did yo u get mods permission and a review?