Still suffering from Panda 2.6

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackx, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I lost hope on my main blog that was hit by panda 2.6 last year on october 13, and despite many suggested changes, it never recovered. Then, this year penguin screwed the same blog again somewhere in end april, and I was not seeing any recovery. I had almost abandoned the blog when I just checked my GA and noticed a few hits from some words similar to my keywords that I used to target a lonnggg time ago.

    I didn't even bother checking the rankings, because it is a highly searched term and the number of hits that I've gotten indicate that either it is a very low position or my website is fluctuating for that search term.

    Anyhow, this has gotten me interested again to take a closer look into my website and try to fix it.

    My blog still doesn't show within the top 200 results for my keyword. Despite having ranked number one for it for about 3 years straight, and there are a bunch of shitty blogspot blogs with spammy content on them ranking in the top 100.

    Now, I can't tell for sure what's wrong but I just title searched the last 10 posts from my blog's "recent posts" widget and saw that around 3 of them have not been indexed by google, instead their copies are floating around the internet with autobots posting to forums, etc. I then checked webmaster tools to ensure that the sitemap was submitted correctly, and indeed it was.

    I now have a feeling that Google might be punishing my website thinking that it is publishing dupe content.

    Any thoughts people? Please help me, I really need to get back my main money site!
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    Google is punishing many sites. You can tell by the thin serps and horrible problems with domain crowding.

    Just because posts with the same title can be found in Google does not mean that they reside on copied pages. You need to search for excerpts in your posts. If you find duplicate content is a problem, you can either correct the problem on your site or send out DMCA requests for the webmasters/hosts to take them down.

    More than likely your problem is over-optimized backlinks and/or too high of a keyword density on your pages, unless you received an unnatural link warning in webmaster tools.