Still Failing? Stuck In A Rut? Going To Work On Your Method Tomorrow? ... Stop. Think.

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    For those who were hoping to find a method in this thread, i'm sorry to disappoint. You won't find many useful methods on this forum that aren't saturated, out-dated, useless or purely unworkable. You'll have to think of your own.

    This thread will be a rambling on the perspective you should take when thinking about SEO, marketing and the online "making money" niche/community. Don't read any further unless you actually care. You probably don't.

    Right. Down to business.

    You're reading this because you've probably tried a few things and they haven't worked out. You've probably had your fingers burnt, wasted a few pounds/dollars/euros on hosting/domains/ebooks/tools yet you still feel like you're not "on the ladder" so to speak.

    Lets take a step back and find out "why" so we can address it, and so we can identify where you fit into the online world, we can solve the issue, and get you making some money.

    The only thing you *Really*, 100%, without-a-doubt need to remember this is ... The online market-place is consumer driven. That's all.

    What does this mean? Simply, every action that is taken online, that can be exploited for you to "make money" from comes from someone buying something (a product or a service). No matter how obscure your activity, this is what drives it.

    Clearly, this separates the online market into two sectors - direct and indirect - each with unique goals and opportunities. Lets have a look at them.

    The direct sector involves those who are directly involved with selling products or services. They own websites, information products, etc. and require traffic, good leads, good copy write, good CMS etc. to perform this.

    The indirect sector provides (typically services) to the needs of the direct sector. These include article writers, video up-loaders, traffic generators, etc.

    Lets take a look at this in practice.

    Mr. Joe runs an auto-blog with ad-sense. he generates $50 a month. He is working within the indirect sector, providing potential leads to someone in the direct sector, who has paid for this lead. Now think about it; why would someone want to pay for this lead? Because that lead is worth more than you are getting paid to generate it. Mrs. x visits your autoblog, goes to Mr. Y's site and spends 200 dollars. 150 ends up in his pocket. Both sides make money. One makes more than the other.

    Now, Mr. Smith writes articles. He makes $70 a month submitting unique content to hundreds of directories and has a steady flow of work from happy clients. His clients are happy because each $5 article they buy gets them on average 3 sales worth $20 each. Both sides are happy, both make money. One makes more than the other.

    Mrs. Average is a CPA affiliate promoting weight-loss supplements. She spends $20 a month on advertising her campaign and generates $300 a month from the 6 leads she generates for the client. Each lead she generates is worth $150 to her CPA client, however she receives only $50. Both sides are happy, both make money. One makes more than the other.

    You get the idea.

    The bottom line is, if you're reading this, in the past you probably sold articles, or xrumer blasts, or video submission, or gmail accounts, or ad impressions ... etc ... etc. You got these ideas from someone who told you that you can make money from them. You provided a service, you were happy, your client was happy, you made money.

    Did you think of the value, and the potential money you just "gave" your client?

    People in the indirect market typically provide a large percentage of the turnover for individuals in the direct market, at a very small percentage of the cost of the product.

    If you're serious about making money online, you'll (eventually) move from the indirect market to the direct market; moving from being paid a small percentage of each sale to being directly responsible for these sales and paying a small percentage for them.

    In order to make this sink in, and for it to really hit home, i want to you do a little activity (no longer than 5 minutes of you time, don't worry. And no, its NOT optional). If you won't spend 5 minutes doing this, you won't spend 5 minutes working on a method which will make you some serious money. (And if you just brushed that off ... think about what you've just done).

    I want you to get a sheet of paper and a pen. On one side write all the areas of SEO / marketing /making money that you know about. This may be selling books, selling leads, selling advertising space, selling optimization, leads etc. just write them down in a list. Next to this, i want you to write a list of all the methods you've used to generate money (this will be much smaller - and if its empty - don't worry).

    Now, on the other side, i want you to connect all these items on the list. Write the item, circle it, and connect it (and label it, with arrows) with how it relates to the other method. i.e. (Selling Back links) --->Increase traffic---->(Selling a product).

    After you've done this, you will have a diagram showing the flow of money on the internet (but in reverse). You'll clearly see where it is all heading, and where it is coming from and going to.

    Now, the great thing about this diagram is that not only can it give you the perspective you need to think in the correct way, it also provides you with a plan on how to generate revenue. The more labels and arrows an item has, the more money it will generate you. The items with no arrows going into them will generate you the least, but will require the least capital to start (typically).

    You can also look at an item, to see who you get revenue from (your customers) and who you take it off (your clients); this provides you with a workable plan to establish yourself as one of these entities.

    ... The only thing that is left is to decide upon a niche (although that isn't as important as getting started!).

    Good luck.

    PS - the longer you spend on your diagram the more complete it will become. Always keep it to hand when you're further down the line and need to think of an innovative way to generate extra cash (Items linked 3,4,5 labels away will still generate you revenue!).

    PPS - the biggest component to failure is lack of capital to get started. If you got offered a high paying job in the next town and didn't have a car, would you accept the job and buy a car? or simply turn it down because you weren't sure if buying the car was worth it for the high paying job? A small amount of money (~$500) goes a LONG way in internet marketing.
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