Sticking My Toes In The Water Of SEO

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by johnnyFIVE, Feb 13, 2010.

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    Hai Guys N Gals.

    Ive been using youtube as my main source of traffic, but, with youtube being a bit stupid at the moment *ie, deleting my videos for nooooooo apparent reason* Ive decided that i MUST learn Seo.

    So, ive just build a new website, and I want good organic traffic *yayz* So far what I have done is...

    #1. Built The site
    #2. Installed A Wordpress blog onto the site to make daily blog posts.
    #3. Created a Robots.txt File And Sitemap
    #4. Uploaded my sitemap into google's webmaster tools.
    #5. Written 1 article on scribd.

    Now, the Big G hasnt indexed my site yet *heck its not been up for more than 24 hours yet, thats not a suprise* So What should be my next step?

    I would assume it would be building some "backlinks" but from what i've read, if you have too many backlinks too quick, this will get you "sandboxed"

    So, Should I start building backlinks now? Wait till I get indexed?

    And how many should I be building either daily / weekly / monthly

    If anyone has any past experience with this, id be all ears.

    Thanks in advanced

    Johnny 5