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Apr 9, 2016
This is a Reddit account creator plugin for Google Chrome.
A great way to start your own reddit farm and that just for $29

A demo of the extension

Additional note: !IMPORTANT!

The users of this extension will require the following.
  • 2captcha account (+ funds of course)
  • VPS (optional, but recommended)
  • Proxies or VPN (optional, highly recommended)


How many accounts can I make per day?
  • You can create up to 720 account per 24 hours!
How do I pass the 10 minute limit of Reddit?
  • You should use a great proxy source or a VPN.
What other functions does the extension has other than creating accounts?
  • Check all the inboxes saved in the plugin
Can I extract the created accounts out of the extension?
  • Yes you can! Just create a .csv backup file.
Do you have a refund policy ?
  • No, I do not have one. As it is extremely unlikely you will want a refund out of this. (only refund available before I sent you the extension, afterwards is huge NO!) Due to the fact that I custom code the seedwords for your extension.
How can I contact you ?
  • sent me on BHW
  • email me (ask for my mail in the thread)
What payment methods do you accept?
  • Paypal (for now)
Thread Approved.
Does what it says and does it well. Instructions to setup were clear and OP helped out.
If you need Reddit accounts quick, get yourself this software.
So Stewie has been helping me since 2 days ago as i had some paypal issues but helped guide on using it and honestly with the right setup this is a really good extension and value for your money. Thanks for updating the extension and it's been great so far. :)
8 more copies left for $29

REMINDER: Updated version will cost more than $29. Current owners will be receiving ALL updates FREE!

Does it verify the email ?
HI, the current version does NOT, it currently assigns a random non existing email address to the created accounts, which can be changed and verified at a later point.

The current version is highly discounted ($29).
The version that will be released in the future will be costing more due to the following addons added.

  • fully automated, account creation
  • proxy/VPN switcher
  • Verify accounts
  • and more coming soon..


REMINDER: Updated version will cost more than $29. Current owners will be receiving ALL updates FREE!
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