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Dec 26, 2013
Written as a step-by-step-companion to my media buying thread:

Do you want a business model and a strategy to implement, scale and fully automate it
using media buying and email marketing to become an emailer $millionaire on autopilot?

Learn the strategy I used to build an opt-in email list of 3,096 subscribers

At a cost of $0.28 per subscriber ($866.88 total)
That sold $32,343.05* worth of products in a month
Earning me an affiliate commission of $10,781.01

A list I could then sell to over and over again and achieve similar results!
*this was my best month with this list, based on March 2021 US$ conversion rates

Let me show you how to build a B2C opt-in email list of any size that you can sell whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want,
all on autopilot, without getting banned and being fully GDPR compliant for an average cost of just $0.28 per subscriber.

I know that is a bold claim and you should be skeptical… BUT I will prove it to you.
Simply type “discount” in this thread and I will send you both a discount code and 10 months sales reports,
showing similar results and using the same list that cost me just $866.88 to build!

Every time you follow my strategy, you can quickly and cheaply build a targeted B2C opt-in email list.
Plus I will show you some tricks so that even a newbie can inbox and get higher than average open rates.

In my experience internet marketers rarely fail because of their business model.
They fail because they have not developed an effective business strategy to deliver it.

Look, I have been there too.
First I could not build a targeted opt-in email list. Then when I could I got banned when I tried to email them. To get around that it cost me a fortune and there was still no consistency. When I finally got the cost per subscriber down to an acceptable level I kept hitting the spam folder and nobody would open my emails.

Until you sort ALL that out, nobody will even open your emails, let alone buy from you!

Having had the same issues over the years, I created a simple strategy that I could consistently use over and over again on almost any B2C niche, get my emails opened, then automate and scale it profitably.

These are the B2C niches I can use this strategy in: Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Dining, Health, Fitness, Home, Family, Market Research, News, Education, Non-profit, Retail, eCommerce, Social, Travel, Personal Finance, Investment and Work Opportunities.

Unless you are an email genius, without this strategy, every time you want to sell by email you will have to go through all the hassle, stress, inconsistency and cost I did every time you want to build a new opt-in email list and set up a new ad campaign.

And unless you have a scalable, independent lead generation pipeline you do not have a scalable B2C business that you can control.

By building your own opt-in email list, through your own independent pipeline it can never be taken off you and you can re-market to it whatever you want, whenever you want as often as you want for the price of sending an email.

My strategy eliminates the guesswork. All you need to do is just follow it over and over for each campaign in each B2C niche you choose
and then easily fully automate it once set up.

I even provide some tricks for you to employ if you are completely new to this and have no experience of writing compelling subject lines or email copy.

Can you imagine the possibilities if you implemented this strategy right now and built your own targeted, opt-in email list for almost any B2C niche, that you could sell to over and over again for as little as $0.28 per subscriber all on autopilot?

Then to achieve it, you need the…
How to be an eMailer $Millionaire on Autopilot in 5 Steps Blueprint

Get a business model, a strategy to implement, scale and fully automate it using media buying and email marketing and discover how to:

Select the right B2C niche – get this wrong and everything else will fail
Easily build a customer avatar the correct way
Find and get accepted to lots of affiliate offers
Use paid ads to build a consistent lead generation pipeline
Scale your paid ad campaigns to any size – without getting banned
Quickly optimize your costs down to an average of $0.28 per opt-in lead
Stay GDPR compliant and hit the inbox
Write a clickable subject line and increase your open rates
Re-market to always ensure you are in profit
Easily automate everything and plug your ads direct into an auto-responder
36x your income to become an emailer $millionaire
plus much, much more…

Table of contents:

Not only that I am going to throw in:
A 50% discount for the first 72 hours and then lower value discount coupon codes thereafter.

Plus - 50% off my Sales Letter Blueprint

Struggling with writing Sales Letters? I have spent 20 years studying the best B2C and B2B sales letters, analyzed them and broken them down into 21 steps that anyone, even a newbie; can follow to write their own compelling B2C or B2B sales letter.

This is the only chance to get 50% off both blueprints and only applies for the first 72 hours.
(You can come back later, miss out and pay more if you want!)

Simply type “discount” in this thread and I will PM your discount code.

Buy emailer Blueprint
RRP: $149

Buy emailer + Sales Letter Blueprints
RRP: $248

See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this a complete business blueprint?
A. Yes. I provide you with a business model and a strategy to implement, scale and fully automate it using media buying and email marketing.

Q. What products does it work with?
A. This blueprint will enable you to promote either affiliate or your own B2C products.

Q. Can I build something long term, is this all whitehat and legit?
A. Yes. I give you one blackhat affiliate tip; everything else is 100% whitehat and the correct way to build a long term B2C email marketing business. I have been in the business for over 20 years and using the core elements of this blueprint for more than 10 years. That includes how I run the ad campaigns and once approved, they have never been banned!

Q. I have never done email marketing before, is this suitable for beginners?
A. Yes. The strategy can be applied by anyone, even beginners.

Q. I really have difficulty choosing a niche, does this blueprint help me do that.
A. Yes. In the blueprint I share my strategy for selecting B2C niches.

Q. Do you use paid ads to get traffic?
A. Yes. It is the only way to get targeted, real, opt-in traffic, which you can easily scale, by just increasing your budget in a way that is GDPR compliant and 100% legit.

Q. How much will an opt-in lead cost me?
A. Following my strategy you should be able to get the costs down to $0.28 per opt-in lead.

Q. My paid ads always get banned, particularly when I scale, will I get my ad account banned?
A. No. If you copy my blueprint you will never get your ad account banned and once your ad campaign has been approved you can run it forever, simply increasing your budget to scale it.

Q. Do you provide step by step instructions on how to set up an ad campaign to get leads?
A. Yes. You can see exactly how I set up a campaign, copy it and just change the creatives and targeting, which I also show you how to do for any* B2C niche.

Q. What are the B2C niches this blueprint works with?
A. * These are the B2C niches you can use this strategy with: Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Dining, Health, Fitness, Home, Family, Market Research, News, Education, Non-profit, Retail, eCommerce, Social, Travel, Personal Finance, Investment and Work Opportunities.

Q. Does this blueprint work if I am looking to get leads from the USA?
A. Yes. In fact although you can target anywhere, I have only ever used it to get USA leads.

Q. Do you provide a sample ad campaign?
A. Yes. Included in the blueprint is a campaign, including the creatives, I got approved and ran.

Q. To automate you said I can use an auto-responder, but will they ban me?
A. No. My strategy is fully GDPR compliant. So much so I have even had auto-responder companies reach out to me and say they will allow anyone who uses my strategy to market affiliate deals though their platform. So unless you try to promote a product or service that is against their terms, you will never get banned.

Q. I cannot get my emails to inbox or write subject lines; does your blueprint give me any tips?
A. Yes. The blueprint gives you a range of strategies you can employ to inbox and get better open rates.

Q. Can you help me write my sales letters?
A. Yes. But before you hire me, I suggest you take advantage of the 50% discount coupon I offer on my Sales Letter Blueprint. It took me over 20 years to compile and shows the exact system I use to write sales letters broken down into 21 manageable steps.

Q. Can you help me implement your blueprint?
A. Yes. But you will have to pay extra for my time.

Q. What payment forms do you accept?
A. I accept all major credit and debit cards. If you don’t have them, then this course is not for you as you will not be able to set up your third party paid ads account without one.

Q. It is a little expensive, why that price?
A. You will waste a lot more money getting opt-in email leads trying media buying on your own. Plus you get my 20+ years’ experience compiling this knowledge that I charge my consultancy clients $6000 for a customized version of the generic strategy you are getting for a fraction of that price.

Q. Do you offer refunds if I don’t like it?
A. No. I cannot take back this knowledge once I have shared it with you.

Q. Is it easy to manage and scale?
A. Yes. After set up you can leave your campaigns to run on auto-pilot and to scale all you need to do is increase your ad budget.

Q. Do I get FREE updates?
A. Yes. If anything changes I will update the blueprint FREE of charge.

How do I get in touch with any support questions?
A. Please email me at [email protected]

Simply type “discount” in this thread and I will PM your discount code.​
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