[Step-By-Step] How to revive a dead website

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    I recently shared this to a friend on Skype so I will share it here as well because from what I see this trick here is a little bastard, and worked well for my friend.


    Consider a blog where you have some Amazon Products, Clickbanks, CPA, whatever and to the day you weren't able to sell anything. Okay? Ok. Now, hoping that you get at least 100 UVs per day:

    1. Login to your analytics account, you need to have been having analytics installed for a while.
    2. Select your website, and on the left column you will see Content; expand and click In-Page analytics (last option). It will load your website in a frame and show you some bubbles with percentages.
    4. Hover on those bubbles and you should get an accurate measures of the number of clicks that area is getting. If you get even 20 clicks on your navigation sidebar, you're good to go.
    5. Now, go to Adsense and create an ad that looks close enough to that specific area. Once you're done, go back to your website and simply swap the navigation with ads.

    You're set; enjoy your money.

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