Steganography, is it useful

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    Hi, post from a noob.

    I wonder if Strganography(hide messages in pictures) is some how applicable to try user to click on it and you get click on your cpa or something else.
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    I have a long history with encryption and steganographic techniques and was the original author of ********* (name obscured to hide my identity. I just g00gled that old program and my name came up, woops) before someone ported it to the PC. I was ready to dismiss your post as silly but then I started to think about steganographic techniques of adding subliminal messages to pictures. I'm going to write a program to try this out.

    I've never been a believer in audable subliminals but I am starting to wonder if picture based ones would work in the same way that nlp scripts would. I don't know what effect this might have on potential buyers but I'm definately game to try this out, so thanks for the initial idea. :)
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    Steganography is useful for hiding text, or other files, but isn't useful for marketing as it requires software to decode the image and extract the embedded data.

    Now, subliminals... that's something that I've never seen applied to blackhat marketing yet. Check this out, it may give you some ideas!

    edit: all the 'proof' of "sex" text in ads... that's pushing it a bit, but still some interesting stuff there!
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