Stealth redirect script (stealth page) and installation needed. Quick n easy job for a pro

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    Hi there,

    I need one of my url's to redirect to another domain (Cloaking).I want to use a stealth page ie so the destination still shows the original domain. Hope that makes sense. You can use the Easy Script Redirect program or something similar and it should take a few minutes.

    Im not doing it myself as I havent done it for ages and my internet connection is soooo slow where i am so I just want to give some a few dollars to sort it out asap. Say $30 for 5 minutes work?

    Ill pay you by PayPal as soon as its done. If youve got enough itrader feedback ill even pay half before and half after so you know im good for it.

    Please show your interest (if there is any) and we can get this ironed out asap
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