stealth paypal without any credit/debit card?

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    I need new stealth paypal account in uk.
    I read on forum that paypal can not see my name on bank account. If i open new paypal with fake name and new ip+cookies cleaned+new phone number and verify it with my new bank account i dont get linked right?
    Do i need to have any credit/debit card to fully use paypal business account? Cards have your name on it.

    I mean i can withdraw money to bank account and if i need to make payment i can just use paypal balance.

    Do i understand everything right?
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    You can create stealth paypal account without credit/debit card, but like anything that is unpredictable, paypal can issue a request for it sometimes before you can increase your withdrawal limit or for any other reason.

    They can only see the name you used for the account creation, even when they request credit/debit card, they only ask for the card number, expiry date and card code.
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