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    Just a little trick I use to get some domain authority/trust to my sites.

    1. Find a wikipedia page that relates somewhat to a keyword you target and contains external links. This shouldn't be hard. Don't worry too much about anchor text or exact matches. If you're in "Car Loans" anything to do with cars is fine. The more obscure the easier it is, but obviously if I had my choice the anchor text would be spot on.

    2. Visit the link and steal the content. Create a page on your site with said content. (You can also skip this and go directly to adding any link you want, but I find they get deleted more often)

    3. Change the wikipedia link to your new page. Any one that checks still gets the information they were looking for so there's a decent chance it will stay live.

    4. After some ageing you can either go back to the wikipedia link and change it to a more beneficial page or just 301 the made up page to one you'd rather have there.

    The links are nofollow, but you get some great authority and as a plus you'll get a number of links from a bunch of sites that scrape wikipedia for content. (even though these are often nofollow as well).

    I've actually had some success by just out and out changing reference links on pages as well. Still no follow, but less likely to be deleted.
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