Stealing Facebook Likes from someone else like Box

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jonheres, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    A few months ago i ran into a thread where people were debating about the possibilities of making people click on Adsense adds by overlaying a "Video Preview" jpg over it.

    I dont know if someone has already tried or disscussed this here, but what about doing it with those facebook like boxes in high traffic websites ?.

    I have a very, very popular facebook fan page (gainning about 500 fans a day) from a Tv show i have. Most of the likes comes from a facebook fan page box iframe i have in my tv show main website.

    I have another project and i was wondering if i could "Steal" some of those "likes" by putting my new project like box frame in the tv shows website, and overlay it with a div or something to make it look as they are actually liking the TV show... so i will get a good jump start for my new venture

    perhaps do this once every other day, switching it on and off.

    Eventually the fans will se in their history they LIKED something else...

    will you get into trouble too fast ?