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Steal my idea or help me! My RISKFREE betting journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by thebubblefish, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. thebubblefish

    thebubblefish Newbie

    Oct 6, 2013
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    Web Marketing Manager
    Denmark - Europe
    Hi Guys,

    I got and idea to earn money (£3000+ per month) I want to share with you, also in hope to get help realize it myself.

    I will run this as a journey, and let you guys know how it goes.

    The idea

    I've done some sports betting during the last 5 years, and earn a little pocketmoney from this every month.

    In the sportsbetting industry there is actually a way to earn 100% riskfree money from the bookmakers, and it is 100% legal and a well known method. It's called "matched betting" or more popular "bonus bagging".

    What is Matched betting/Bonus bagging?

    In short it's about earning money from the bookmakers sign-up bonusses and regulary bonus campaigns going to their members, by doing matched betting.

    Matched betting is to place a bet on e.g. Arsenal to win a game, and then place another bet on Arsenal to lose, at another bookmaker called Betfair. In this way you will not lose or win any money on the match no matter the final match result, but you will win the bookmakers bonus.

    If you become a member of all the big bookmakers out there, and play their bonusses as matched betting, you can earn about £100-£300 per month 100% risk free.

    There are several sites and services out there that search and find the different bonus offers for you, so you don't have to do the search yourself. The most well known is "Bonus Bagging. co. uk".

    The problem

    The only so called problem, is that the bonusses are few, so you can't make a living from it. Sure you can make some pocket money, but that's it. (£100-£300 per month)

    Another problem is that the bookmakers only do the bonus campaigns in some countries. So if you live in Denmark like me, it sucks. As far as I know UK is one of the best countries to perform this method.

    The solution

    The idea to the solution I came up with, is blackhat, but it should work.

    What I want to do, is to find several UK residents, from who I get permission to create verified accounts in their name, at different bookmakers.

    I will need their name, address, mail and phone number. And they must be willing to verify their accounts at the bookmakers by their phone or mail. They will not need to deposit any money or give away their credit card information.

    My intention is to pay them for this, either as a one time payment or as percentage of my earnings.

    Then with all the new accounts in hand at the bookmakers, I will be able to play from all of them, and thereby scale the method up, and multiple my bonus earnings.

    My question to you

    I am afraid that people will hesitate to take my money and give me their personal information.

    - How do you think I should formulate the offer to gain most trust?

    - Do you have any suggestion for where it would be a good place to search for UK residents to join my offer?

    - And by the way, what do you think about the idea? :)

    I will let you know how this journey progress!
  2. arsenal420

    arsenal420 Newbie

    Jul 24, 2015
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    : ( Getting people to let you Bet in their name is a tough sell. Maybe fake names / IDS / Skrill accounts would work... maybe

    irrr. GL
  3. neu009

    neu009 Senior Member

    Jul 29, 2009
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    Good luck, nobody will give you all their info for a tiny bit of the bonus. Sure you thought about also needing different payout options as not all bookmakers offers paypal etc. and most even require ID copies. You may find some poor ppl that will even give you an ID copy but nothing to be worthwhile, I mean who the fuck would give you all you need to fuck up their credit...