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    Hey, just drank 591 mL of cocaCOLA ?and just got a spew of ideas that I just gotta throw out ?so BEAR with ME ! ! ! gRRRRRR :

    Alright, ever since the recent bannings on ebay ?I was wondering how I would start my own affiliate network to promote and sell my products.

    I did a google search : affiliate management software

    And found the program: Post Affiliate Pro

    Is this the best software for affiliate tracking? ?If anyone can recommend any other good programs, please let us know. ALSO!!! If anyone that can post the torrent for Post Affiliate Pro -----> YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    OK, I would like to setup my own affiliate network to get rid of the last of my inventory and after that, I would like to help my friend sell his products too (he was banned from ebay as well) and then contact other ebay banned sellers and promote their products on my network. I encourage everyone else on BHW to do the same, as well as contract other BHW members as affiliates cause their the best online marketers in my opinion :) ! ! !

    Also, I just got back from the ad convention : AD-TECH.COM . Tried to create accounts with some of the major affiliate networks there, but they wouldn?t let me be on their network to advertise unless I paid like paid an upfront maintenance fee of about $5000 or some other BS prerequisite. ?Why do that when I can start my own affiliate network!!! If I did start my own affiliate network -I don?t care what you do to send traffic ---> BLACKHAT, WHITEHAT, GREYHAT it?s all the same to me! Just as long as there are sales ?that?s all that matters, and you will get paid while not even worrying about getting banned!!! And that?s a great feeling especially if you are a BH marketer :) plus I rather be paying commissions to blackhat marketers that know their shit , rather than some dumbass corporate yuppy that really doesn?t know about the industry. YEA! Why bother promoting the big corporations affiliate networks, when each one of us can start our own affiliate network, and we can have a rating system here on BHW (of which users pay or not).

    Anyways, what I have currently setup is a sales page on a FREE blog website, using the MERCANTEC.COM modular web cart code which allows you to wire up your PAYPAL or GOOGLE CHECKOUT into the buy button. So buyers can purchase items right from this blog page. ?Why set it up like this? :

    • Completely modular(have as many blog sales pages as you want without worrying about a downed webhost or whatever.),
    • FREE (no more egay fees or hosting fees),
    • No competition,
    • no egay VERO listing removed and crushing your sales,
    • no chance of patent infringements or letters to sue you (not a website hosted by you, no real place to contact you except by email, no nothing. In case this happens, just setup blog sales pages on 5 different blog networks for your redundancy :) this equates to zero liability !!! )

    Alright, if anyone has experience with affiliate management software, and if the TRACKING METRICS are compatible with MERCANTEC.COM modular web cart code inside a BLOG SALES PAGE ENVIRONMENT, please let us know what setup can work! <--- this is actually very important to get this working

    If you can help me setup this network, or you already have your own affiliate network that I can post my products on ?let us know. PERSONALLY, I would like to do both - start my own network to sell my products as well as promote my LOCAL friends, AND be on your network to promote my products ---> hey the more sales , the MERRIER ! ! !