Starting Over, Need Idea's, 10k to Restart.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Jaz, May 23, 2008.

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    Instead of posting my long story here again, I will point to my Intro post I made a few weeks ago at :

    Bottom line is I'm looking at the moment for a 2nd income, that I can grow (again) into something bigger.

    Why am I here asking if I've been successful before?
    Honestly I suck at coming up with completely new ideas, however I am very good at taking ideas tweaking them and making them highly successful.

    What resources I have available to me.
    Dedication, time, willingness to learn, ability to catch on quick, and roughly $10,000 to jump start myself.

    Would I be willing to do a JV?

    What I'd really love is a mentored by someone currently successful.
    I would definitely be willing to compensate the mentor with earnings for a significant period of time. (Teach me to fish again!) I'd be willing to sign contracts etc... My #1 goal is to learn, money is 2nd (A close 2nd! ) :D

    I know there are tons of these posts on the board, However, Ive been successful before with my net ventures, Ive been successful in my real life businesses, I just need someone to guide me in the right direction once again.
    I am not a noob to hard work and I have been successful before, honestly I think thats the biggest "noob" hurdle is believing that you can actually do it.

    I am looking forward to the replies with ideas or if anyone is interested in possibly mentoring me, PM me and we can talk.

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    $10K is a lot to actually start...

    Give me $1K I'll give you everything I know, and all my resources, ($100K worth of stuff) =]

    With that much starting capital, I'd suggest getting a good Affiliate + Adwords book, and start making money with that. (careful learning adwords)

    Ever heard of $30K in 30days? They picked a niche, interviewed a bunch of experts in that niche, created a product, and build there list by piggy backing off the experts list.

    Reading your previous post, I guess you want to create a real business...

    You'd have to pick a Niche, and create offers for that niche, fill up your product funnel, than drive traffic to your offers.
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    I can coach you for 5k :rolleyes:
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    Jan 18, 2008
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    Your asking for someone to coach you?

    with 10k??....dude with that much what you could is
    create a product such as a catalog of targeted products
    that you can get for whole sale, make into a pdf format and
    create a website and sell the "catalog" for around $35-$45
    and then with the 10k you have advertise through a popular magazine
    such as trucker if your doing car audio, or pc magazine if your doing pc's
    or karate magazines if your selling the resources for karate gear...
    the possibilities are endless...but yeah lets $45 a pop X 2,000 sales is
    $90,000.00 from a $10,000.00 just saying 2,000 sales as
    a worst case scenario...but offline advertisement is the way to go if you
    really wanna get rich...just read the 12 month millionaire
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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Ok, here's the magic 3 step formula.

    Step 1) Click this link

    Step 2) Buy it.

    Step 3) Do what it says.
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    Thanks for the replies thus far.
    Anthony, see this is exactly what Im talking about I would of never come up with that idea on my own.

    Wealthy , Thanks Im looking into it now.

    And thank you to the people who PM'ed me.
    Ill be in contact!

    Thanks guys.
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    Feb 23, 2008
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    I read the entire post, and get some quick ideas for applying. Hi,
    Wealth199, I am interested in your coaching program. Please, consider me for that.