Starting over - From bank to broke and hopefully back

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    I'm trying to find my next project. My goal is to get stable enough to quit my day job and work exclusively online. I want to build some passive income and if possible some real lasting value.

    A little about me. I've dabbled on and off again with various black/white hat projects ever since getting an Adsense invite way back in 2003. My first check from Google was around $700USD and my bank teller wanted to hold it because she'd never heard of Google.

    I started with MFA sites and some creative cookie stuffing scripts I created. Made enough to buy a decent used car back in 2005.

    That got harder, Google got smarter and some affiliate programs changed or went away.
    So I moved on to scraping and auto blogging and then thin database sites. Made a little at first, with very little work. I was able to scale and while still not putting a whole lot of work into it I was making decent coin for a while. My model was just keep building and it worked.

    Then, Google and affiliate networks started cracking down on sites like that and gradually things dropped off. By the end, sites that had pulled $1500 per month would make $15.

    I lost interest in the constant game of "whack-a-mole" and trying to stay ahead of it all and just let it slide. Later, I tried some more legit sites. That was nothing but a waste of time and money and I found it very disheartening.

    Most of my projects made money over the years but all shared one common problem. They were never something that I could quit my day job for.
    Even when I was making almost as much at IM as I was at my legit job, I knew that one Google dance or network policy change and it would be all gone.

    It just feels like these days the net is saturated with stores and blogs. I'm competing with marketers in many countries, kids that can work full time making $30 per day where I need to earn $300 and need some stability.

    SEO has gotten super hard to keep on top of and Google's organic results are below the fold and dominated by the big guys like amazon etc. Ads are getting costly because of competition.

    And I just can't find anything that makes me say "Wow, that would be a good idea". I can't find anything that seems like it has any potential lasting value.

    I have to be honest, that I feel like the dream is further away now than ever.

    Other than telling me to suck it up... Any motivation or suggestions?

    TL;DR ?
    Used to earn but things changed. Is their a real future in this game? Feels like everything makes you money for a while but you had better have something new every year. And don't quit your day job or Google will dance on your grave.
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    Just do something you enjoy!