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    nah. but thanks.
    Now that I know I'll be an extremely rich kid as my income rises every day and my master evil plans to take over the internet develops. I have decided to start my own blog, about me making money online.
    I think it'll do me good. I'll be proud of posting what I have achieved and will stay focused and productive just to impress my readers.
    It'll be nice to post my money journal there like so many do on here.
    Except that I'll be already earning money so it won't be as boring.
    I'm talking about making a blog like shoemoney's. I don't know who that is and I've only read a little of his blog but it looks like similar to what I want to do.
    And the blog will not be created for making money. I don't know if I'll build an email list or not. If I do I won't be sending them much though.
    I just think It'll be good to post my progress somewhere and get some views and comments on it.

    Just wanted to share :)
    Anyone else doing it?

    Btw. This is nothing I'll be spending a huge time on. Just a small side project to post there once in a while.
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    You going to share all your methods and secrets? I will read if you do. Lol. GL and more importantly HF :)
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    Sounds like fun. I have some blogs that are more pointless than that so why not!
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