Starting my first project, need some tips

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    So I had a website that I created my own domain parking page. I threw up some affiliate links and put Google AdSense for Search on it. I received low traffic but I did manage to obtain 10 transaction for one of my affiliates (9 of which came in the first month) and a couple bucks from AdSense which isn't bad considering I was getting ~200 visits a month. So now I am redoing the website and hoping to make it legit to increase my traffic.

    Here's what I am trying to do.

    Goal: Rank well (top 10) for a search term.

    Here's what I did/doing to achieve this goal.

    1. Registered domain name that is the same as my search term. Domain age is nearly 2 years old.
    2. Recently added content to my website. I used WP-Robot to grab some youtube videos and RSS feeds for articles based on my keyword. I didn't spin any of the content so I'm probably going to get hit with a dupe penalty.
    3. I used Market Samurai to analyze my competition and neither of the top 10 pages have great content. Two of the top 5 are YouTube videos. The 9th ranked site looks to be pumping backlinks (2,500 to be exact) and it's to their domain that has very little to do with the keyword.
    4. Going to use ScrapeBox to build back links and add some authority to my site.
      • Currently harvesting some free proxies and deleting slow/failed.
      • Next I will harvest some URLs to post on, delete dupes.
      • Create/modify comments to post with
      • Link to various pages in my website relating to my keyword

    What comes next?
    1. Keyword optimize my website some more and redo my ScrapeBox steps above.
    2. Write some articles that link to my website and then blast the articles with ScrapeBox.
    3. Try to get listed in DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. All of my competitors except the one whose blasted some backlinks are listed on DMOZ and Yahoo Directory.

    I'm going to start off with small blasts so I can work on my posting techniques. Once I get a good feel for how SB works, I will probably purchase some proxies.

    Once I get my keyword to rank where I want it, I will repeat this process with my new keywords.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions or see any flaws with my plan? Do you think the dupe content will do more harm then good?
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    Doesn't Yahoo directory costs like $300/yr?