Starting Internet Marketing Basics

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    Hey Everyone. I am a new member here to BHW. i wanted to just compare for personal comparisons. what are you pro internet marketers or entrapenuers making per month? and what are you doing? how long have you been doing. anything helps thank you. also what does it take to make and maintain a website? im still pretty new i start college soon and really lost in life on where the direction i want to do for carerr and etc but my dream is to be a inventor/entrapenuer. i basically want to answer these few questions and tell me a little but about what your doing to make money online and how long have you been at it? and how much do you make did you quit your day job that sorts?
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    You've probably figured out by now that these are not the type of questions to ask here. This is a great place to learn, but reading is what you need to do to get the info you want.