Starting Instagram Marketing (Advice Needed)

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by TargetConfirmed, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    I've been reading around the forums for the past few days and I've decided to register for an account. This year I've decided to try using Instagram to promote offers, market products etc.

    I've done some research and I have a few things that I'm hoping someone can clear up.

    The first question is related to MassPlanner.
    1. Does MassPlanner include a module to create Instagram accounts or do I need to purchase that separately? (I'm thinking to get the Premium Plan, and I'll also buy some Instagram virgin proxies from a provider on BHW.)

    2. How is it recommended to warm up newly created Instagram accounts?
    I've read some threads from 2015/2016 relating to warming up accounts, but how has this changed recently? I've read that I should do 10 actions after account creation, then rest the account for 24 hours, after which do 50 actions per day (over 1 - 2 weeks), and increase slowly.

    Also, spread the actions out over 10 - 12 hours, and let the account rest for the remainder of the day.

    Another, thread said to change picture etc, and leave the account to rest for 3 days.

    What do you guys recommend for warming up accounts to avoid getting banned?
    Also, I'll be purchasing SIM cards to verify the account, are there any other alternatives to purchasing SIM cards that would ensure quality accounts?
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    MP does not provide that to my knowledge, its easier and less of a headache to buy accounts
    people have different ways of warming up accounts, i spend around 2-3 weeks warming them up, but what you said should be fine.
    again buying PVA accounts is fine and you would not need to buy sim cards to verify them, personally i haven't bought any sim cards.
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    2. Yes warm up, and never post link into the account. Only after 3 weeks, it's an instant ban and its my only ban that I've ever encounter trying to grow accounts.

    3. Alternative methods you can get my sims service, its cheap and supports reverifcations.