Starting an online wholesale/retail business. need partner.

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    Hello BHW members,

    I am here looking to find the right person to start a successful online wholesale/retail business with. I have excellent connections for a wide variety of general merchandise and I am open for suggestions as to which products we focus our energy on and in what order. I also have adequate funds and the abilty to manage the shipping. I need someone who can understand the supply/demand end of things on the web based on websearches, trends etc. This person must be a self motivated natural leader and willing to handle all of the internet aspects. The following are a few examples of what I am needing from the right team player.

    1. listing products on popular auction sites
    2. assisiting with inquires, sealing deals
    3. building our website
    4. writting forums or other methods of generating traffic

    I am open to any suggestions or ideas in regards to ALL aspects of this business. I am Especially interested in someone who can find those right niches to cater to. With my resources and your ability to advertise and sell, our opportunities are endless. Thank you all for your time.
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    Please add us on skype : monaarq.seo

    i need to discuss more , please come over skype so we can easily discuss .. :)

    Team Monaarq SEO