Starting a Sportsbook Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by blackskimask, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    Is there a clickbank or commission junction-type company for sportsbooks/gaming? ...or how can I start a sportsbook affiliate program?

    Here's the story...

    I met a couple of guys (bookies) that run a sportsbook website. They run it as a "credit shop" only, not as a "post up shop" (yet).

    [SIDE NOTE: A "credit shop" is where their customers--mostly all locals--place bets online, and have to meet up with these guys in person to settle winnings or losses. (They bet on "credit" before actually settling.) A "post up" shop is where--like most big sportsbooks and online casinos--players from around the globe send or "post" their money to the sportsbook/casino/company BEFORE being allowed to place a bet, and can--in most cases--only wager the maximum amount they have posted.]

    Well, they give 25% of all a player's losses if you refer the player. Their current site makes no mention of "affiliates" or referrals, as most of their business is local, in-person. They're trying to get more players on their site, and I suggested they open it up geographically to more players by switching to or adding a post up shop and starting an affiliate program. Needless to say, they were interested.

    So my question is:

    Can anyone tell me how to start a sportsbook affiliate program? Or is there a preexisting network that they can add their site to (like clickbank or commission junction, but for gaming) that would handle affiliates for a fee? I've been searching around, but haven't found much. Any information/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I don;t know the answer to your question...but there's gotta be a TON of money to be made in that situation. If I were you I would get yourself a nice % based finders fee contracted for the next 5 years~ Those guys could retired off what you're trying to help them do.