Starting A Skype Group For All **US Based** Local Marketers! (join here)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SpiderBlast, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Hey BHW,

    I've been in local marketing for 2 years and have been making a fulltime income for the last year and half. I don't sell leads to businesses I build out funnels that I own, pay for everything, hosting, sites, content, seo, youtube, etc then collect 10% commission on jobs that sell. So in essence, I'm an independent local affiliate marketer. My model is nothing like service magic aka home advisor. But I don't care what specific business model you follow.

    Over the last few months, many of my sites have lost rank, google places has become a bit more unpredictable, and I've found it difficult to generate the same volume of leads that I use to (although I'm working my ass off to get back to where I was before).

    I have reproduced new sites for all the niches I'm in, I'm rebuilding out new funnels, but I would like to network with a small, qualified group of local marketers. To exchange ideas, strategies and ways to scale lead generation. But like I said, I'm not looking to make a huge group. I'd prefer a small, intimate group where members can build trust with each other and really help each other out. So I'm going to write a short list of requirements below.


    1) You must currently make an earning from local lead gen. Whether its 1 site or 30 sites I don't care how much you make. But I do NOT want people asking questions like "how do I register a google places" or "how do I get my site indexed in google", etc etc.

    2) I can't verify this, but I'd prefer people who've been actively doing local marketing for more than 1 year.

    3) This will NOT be a "social group". No egos, no drama, no talking about your dog or cat or your favorite sports team. If you wanna talk about yourself thats fine (its important to have trust between members), but overall I want this to be a business group. Not a place you go to waste time and be distracted.

    4) You absolutely must be an open minded person and respect all members in the group. If someone brings up a topic like fake reviews, I don't wanna see people get into an ethics debate. If you want to cite regulations and real lawsuits, thats cool. But I don't want to see any morally superior, self righteous debates about the ethics of it.

    5) Everyone will have certain strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I can tell you everything in the world about how I build a massive, geotargeted youtube funnel, or how I rank my sites, tricks for increasing conversions, but I can't tell you a thing about PPC. So even though I'm trying to avoid inexperienced marketers, there will be newbie questions. I'm just trying to avoid people who are not active, and will take more from the group than they contribute.

    If you are cool with these 5 basic requirements, send me your skype and I will add you asap.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to post them here or in the group.

    Thank you. :)

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